What We Believe

Knowing what one believes is so important today, as we are challenged daily to give answers for why we do what we do in life.  Some Christians are unable to articulate what he or she believes as a follower of Jesus.  Others want to truly know what a Christian believes regarding God, Jesus, the Bible and the church.  Understanding these basic tenets of the faith according to the Bible is essential for Christian living.  The great news is that we are able to clearly understand what we believe! We find that truth in God’s Word, the Bible. 

Join us, on September 15th as we look at the belief statement of Discovery Alliance Church and how it is grounded in the Word of God.


  • 15th - The Bible
  • 22nd - God The Father
  • 29th -  God The Son Jesus Christ


  • 6th -  God The Holy Spirit
  • 13th -  Man & Sin
  • 20th - Salvation
  • 27th - Holy Living (Sanctification)


  • 3rd - Healing
  • 10th - The Church
  • 17th - The Second Coming of Christ

Join us at Discovery on Sunday mornings at either 8:30 am or 10:30 am.

If you miss a Sunday you can listen to the sermons Here.

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