Easter Family Devotions & Activities

Easter is a joyful season of celebrating the truth that Jesus defeated death when He rose from the grave. He defeated sin on the cross and defeated death after three days in the tomb. During the Easter season, we remember that the tomb is empty and those who love and trust Jesus have the promise of eternal life with God. This amazing news not only deserves to be celebrated, but shared. 

We pray that the resources below will help you share this time with others.

  • Easter Bible Reading Plan

    Take time over the next 4 weeks to read through the different accounts of the death, burial, resurrection and ascenion of Jesus Christ.

    Matthew Chapters 26-28

    Mark Chapters 14-16

    Luke Chapters 22-24

    John Chatpers 18-20

    Acts 1:1-11

  • Ideas For Family Devotionals & Activities

    Here is a link to a PDF with ideas for your family and another for a 10 Minute Easter Devotions for Families. Easter Devotions

  • Decorations

    The goal of Easter is to celebrate Jesus’ victory over sin and death. Make a banner with the words “Jesus is alive!” to hang in your home. Using flowers to decorate reminds us of the garden where the empty tomb was. Write Scripture celebrating the resurrection on a chalkboard, mirror or other places around your home.

  • Children's Music Video About Easter