Living LIfe Together

We want to encourage you to connect by joining a small group in a home close to you.

Here at Discovery small groups are important to the life of the church.

Small groups provide a place for connection and security as we live life together.  

Our groups spend time discussing biblical truths that are needed for daily living.

Let us know you want to join or host a small group HERE

or you can look at the list of groups below and contact a leader about attending their group.

Weekly Small Groups

  • Men's Wednesday Night 6:30-8pm

    This men's discipleship group is lead by Pastor Shaun and will be studying what the Bible teaches us about the Holy Spirit. You can contact Shaun here.

  • Men's Thursday Morning 10-11am

    This small group for men meets at the church and is studying the Sermon on the mount in the gospel of Matthew. Clint Morey is the group leader and you can contact him at (406) 531-2621

  • Thursday Night 6:30-8pm

    This small group meets at the Lake's residence and will be studying the book of New Testament book of James. 

    Chobe Flores is the group leader and you can contact him at

    (406) 552-7899

  • Thursday Night 6-7:30pm

    This sermon based group meets at the Hanson's residence and children are welcome.  Contact Phil Hanson is the group leader and you can contact him by this email.

  • Sunday Night 5-6:30pm

    This group meets on Sunday nights to accommodate families who have children attending the Awana ministry of our church.  We meet downstairs in one of the classrooms from 5-6:30pm. Presently we are discussing the sermon series.  Pastor Paul is the leader for this group and if you have questions you can contact him through the contact form at the bottom of the homepage.