Community Groups

We want each person who is a part of Discovery to be connected to a small group of other believers in the church. 

We believe this is not only important but that it is essential for growth and unity in the body of Christ. 

Presently we have community groups that meet in person and groups that meet online thorough Zoom.

If you do not see an option below that works for you please contact us HERE as we are always preparing to start new group.

  • Book of Revelation

    Mission: To study the Book of Revelation in the context of Biblical hermeneutics allowing varying views in the safety of not being labeled as a heretic. A more in depth description of this study can be reviewed HERE. This is an online Zoom group led by Bob Scheider at 6:30pm on Thursday nights beginning 9/17/20.  Get more info Here.

  • Building Blocks of Faith

    Rick Baskett is teaching this group on Sunday mornings after the 1st service at 10:15am.  We will explore ways to read and study the Bible and discover how from start to finish, the Bible points to Jesus Christ. The group will be meeting in person upstairs in the conference room at Discovery.

  • Holiness By JC Ryle

    Caleb Jenkins is leading this group. The group will be meeting in person at 6pm Wednesday nights at the home of the Hanson's. Get more info HERE.

  • Sermon Based

    Pastor Paul Taylor will be leading this sermon based group. The group will meet in person on Sunday afternoons at 3:30pm and will review the sermon preached at the Sunday morning services. We will be asking the question, "How do I apply these biblical truths in my life?" Presently we are going through the book of Luke.

    This group is now filled.